Ginger Crush

Perfect for cake or ice cream inclusion.

Ginger Crush

Pack Type

Pack Size

5kg / 12.5kg

Ginger Crush

Perfect for cake or ice cream inclusion.

Ginger crush is a wet pulped stem ginger that is the perfect medium for injecting into muffins or cakes. Simply add syrup to allow the product to be freer flowing.
Small pieces of ginger are visually evident in the finished product allowing for a superior flavour and texture compared to using a ginger spice.

  • Perfect for cake or ice cream inclusion.
  • Can be used in biscuit or cookie batter.

Product Certifications

Available Flavours:

All colours and flavours are natural.

Shelf Life

from date of manufacture

12 months unopened

How to Use

Ready to use straight from the pail.

Ginger Crush

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