Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing to your
Exact Needs

Ingram Brothers are able to offer contract manufacturing for a range of products. From wet mixes such as icings, fillings, sauces and glazes to powder mixes. Manufacturing to your exact needs and requirements.

Product Certifications

Why Choose
Ingram Brothers?

We can manufacture products to your specific requirements and meet a variety of needs such as specific textures, tastes and allergen requirements.

We can become your manufacturing supply partner and make your product to a pre-defined standard each and every time.

Allow Ingram Brothers to take the hassle out of your manufacturing process and we will make your products on your behalf.

As a family business, we can be agile and respond to your business needs quickly and competitively.

Contact Ingram Brothers for more information on our contract manufacturing expertise.

The Possibilities
Are Endless

Ingram Brothers have a variety of powder mixers that are awaiting your products for manufacturing. We are able to manufacture powders to your exact requirements. Whether this be powdered flavours,  powder colour mixes, or even protein powders. The possibilities are endless so please contact Ingram Brothers to discuss your powder processing needs. We are able to manufacture your bespoke recipe or help you create the perfect product for your finished food article.
  • Powdered flavours
  • Powdered colour blends
  • Protein powder
  • Egg powders
  • Bespoke powder mix
  • Spraying liquid onto powders
  • Fat coating powders
  • Flavouring sugars

Wet Mixing Specialists

Ingram Brothers specialises in wet mixing. From pastes, sauces, glazes, a variety of icings and fillings for bakery wares.

We can work with you as your manufacturing supply partner to consistently produce your product to a predetermined quality. Allow Ingram Brothers to handle the challenges of your manufacturing process; we’ll produce your goods on your behalf.

Ingram Brothers product development team can assist with wet mixing solutions to meet specific requirements for eat quality, stability, automated processing equipment and ingredient declaration needs.

We can design products that will have customer appeal and give a good performance in the bakery and on the product.

Our mixes are made following stringent controls and quality standards to ensure a high performance following through to the application process.

You can also work with Ingram Brothers product development team to create your perfect product. While creating a product, Ingram Brothers spends time getting to know their customers to make sure they are completely satisfied.

  • Icings
  • Fillings
  • Glazes
  • Sauces
  • Flavours
  • Pastes
  • Bespoke formulation