ROCCO Family Business of the Year 2018

Ingram Brothers are delighted to announce that we won Family Business of the Year 2018 at the ROCCO awards in Renfrewshire. This would not have been possible without the hard work of Tara and Simon Young who had to be interviewed by the judges to determine the final result! 

Ingram Brothers hopes that this award will prove to customers the importance that Ingram's places on family values and teamwork. Family businesses are becoming extremly rare in our current economic environment and we hope that you will continue to support Ingram Brothers and use our wide skill set to help advance your business. 

We had a great evening at the award's dinner with a snapshot of the Ingram's team who were all extatic to win the award! 


25 Years Service

This year at Ingram Brothers we were able to celebrate  25 years of service from another dedicated employee, Angela Wilson (Accounts Manager and Company Secretary).

Angela joined the company in 1991 and has proved that diligence and commitment, is rewarded with progress in the company. Angela studied at night school for her accounting qualifications which have proved extremly useful in the day to day running of the business. Her hardwork and thorough attitude to accounts and many other aspects of the buiness has helped Ingram Brothers to progress positively over the years. 

Angela's dedication to the company is that of a family member and so it is with great pleasure that we are proud to have Angela as part of the workforce and Ingram Brothers family. Here's to the next 25!

New Racking System

Ingram Brothers has recently installed a new racking system in our warehouse as the old system had become obsolete. This has allowed for improved organisation of stock and a safer, more robust system for staff to use in our daily warehousing demands.

The system was installed over a number of weekends with dedicated Ingram Brothers staff on hand, moving stock and preparing for installation of the new system. Gary Gallagher (Factory manager) and Kevin Dempsey (Engineer) were crucial in the organisation and installation of the layout. The new racking has proved to be a bigger benefit than anyone at Ingram's expected, with enhanced utilisation of space and a high specification appearance.

We hope that this improvement on site will progress our flexibility with customers and allow Ingram Brothers to remain efficient and effective when processing customer orders. 

Scottish Baker of The Year Judging Day

Emily Irons-Young our project manager, was kindly asked to judge at this years Scottish Baker of the Year 2016 competition. All the entries were of such a high standard that the judging was extremely difficult, but the creme de la creme of the industry shone through and the prizes have been allocated for the exciting awards ceremony in May! Ingram Brothers views the Scottish Bakers as an extremely important part of the bakery industry and an essential element for developing new skills within the sector, which is why Ingram Brothers was very pleased to be invited to the judging day! 

AA for Ingram Brothers!

Ingram Brothers are pleased to announce that we have received an AA rating for BRC Issue 7 from our auditing body, NSF Knight Limited.  Everybody in Ingram Brothers works extremely hard to maintain the high standards that the company has set for itself. We have always found the BRC audit to be a great framework to work from to improve and maintain a model of excellence within Ingram Brothers.

Over 25 years of service

We are pleased to announce that many of our staff have reached and passed over 25 years of service with Ingram Brothers. If anything at least you can say our service is consistent!

Gary Gallagher- Factory Manager

Jim Jamieson- Production Supervisor

Brinder Kaur- Sales Manager

Scott Bolling- Purchasing and Procurement Manager

Betty Gallagher- Production Operator

At Ingram’s we highly value employees who have long service and experience as this benefits everyone from the individual to customers.

Pictured left: Jim Jamieson (Production Supervisor) and Simon Young (Managing Director)

120 Years in Business!

Ingram Brothers are celebrating their 120th year since they were established in 1895 by George and James Ingram who started the business by producing treacle.

We are very proud that Ingram Brothers remains a family business five generations on.

Surviving through the industrial decline of the twentieth century.

The company established itself as one of the leading suppliers of goods to the bakery trade in Scotland.

Innovations, such as steam-powered delivery vehicles, soon gave way to the demands of modern commerce and Ingram Brothers' vans, featuring the distinctive 'baker boy' logo, became a familiar sight on the streets of Glasgow and elsewhere.

Ingram Brothers is still privately owned and headed by two brothers - the great-grandsons of original founder, George Ingram.

Our continued independence enables us to manufacture products to the individual specifications of many of our customers.

Happy 120th Birthday to Ingram Brothers!

New Quality Management System

Ingram Brothers quality management system goes paperless.

Start up checks are now carried out electronically and information is instantly available to all management to view online as soon as checks are completed.

This allows any anomalies to be identified and the relevant staff to be notified to ensure that corrective actions have taken place.

Any necessary strategic actions can then be traced and processed to ensure any potential problems are solved prior to any further work taking place in the production area.

Ingram’s hopes that this will improve efficiency and help to solve any non conformances in a more effective and traceable manner.

RSPO - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil