About Us

Who We Are

Ingram Brothers was established by two brothers in 1895 in Glasgow; Ingram’s became one of the leading suppliers of ingredients to the bakery industry in Scotland.

In the 1970s the company expanded throughout the UK and Ireland.

By the 1990s, Ingram Brothers made the bold move to concentrate on bulk manufacturing, making this the core of its business, creating bespoke, bulk amounts of product for the bakery industry.

In 2007, Ingram Brothers made its most recent move to Paisley after having been based in Glasgow for more than 100 years. Ingram’s newest premises has been purpose-built for food production and also has one of the most technically advanced sugar milling systems in Europe. This allows Ingram Brothers to have the flexibility to produce ingredients which are tailor-made to customer requirements.

Ingram Brothers is still privately owned and headed by two cousins Tara and Emily: the great-great granddaughters of the founder, George Ingram. The continued independence of the company allows Ingram Brothers to manufacture products to the individual specifications of many customers while still allowing for a highly personalised service.

Ingrams_Sussex_St current-factory

Our Products

Bakery Flavours

Designed specifically for bakery application.


Soft icings for every application.


The perfect addition to any cake for a touch of luxury.


Making doughnuts shine.

Dusting Sugars

The ultimate stable dusting sugar.


Market-leading egg white powder.


For an authentic ginger flavour.


Expertly blended balance of colour and flavour.

Bespoke Powder Mixing

Bespoke powder mixing solutions for endless possibilities.

Bespoke Wet Mixing

The wet mixing specialists.