Ingenious Icing Solutions

Ingenious Icing Solutions- Ingram Brothers product development team can assist with icing solutions to meet specific requirements for eat quality, stability, production processing on line and meet ingredient declaration needs.

We have the capability to design products that will have customer appeal and give a good performance in the bakery and on the product.

Our icings are made following stringent controls and quality standards to ensure a high performance following through to the application process.

Ingram Brothers spend time with customers to ensure complete satisfaction during the product creation process. If this is a service that would appeal to you, please contact us today for further consultation.
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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing- Ingram Brothers are capable of undertaking contract manufacturing, mixing and blending formulations to customers individual requirements.

We have the knowledge and skill to match or devise a product to your specifications.

Creating a product that is economically advantageous and high in quality.

Or if you simply want to outsource the mixing process of your business contact us today to discuss your project.
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