Ideal for meringue products including shell’s baskets, pavlovas.

Pack Type

Pack Size

500g, 1.5kg, 3.5kg, 10kg


Ideal for meringue products including shell’s baskets, pavlovas.
  • The market leading egg white powder.
  • The alternative to fresh and frozen egg whites.
  • Ideal for any meringue based product.
  • Superior whipping qualities and brightness of product when using Meri-Whites.
  • Meri-Whites are the professionals choice when it comes to meringue work.
  • Colours and flavours may be added if desired.
  • Meri white is instantly water soluble.
  • Perfect for making Royal Icing.
  • Available in free range egg, please enquire.

Available Flavours:

All colours and flavours are natural.

Shelf Life

from date of manufacture

12 months unopened

How to Use

For a list of recipe ideas using Meri-White, the most versatile egg white product on the market, please click here.

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