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Ingram Brothers products are made to a high standard, to achieve the best product possible within customer specifications.

Our meticulous approach has earned us a prestigious reputation within the industry among our many clients. Our customers value price, continuity of standards, capacity and service, that’s why they return to us time and time again.

No matter your needs, we can find a bespoke solution for you.

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Bakery Flavours

Designed specifically for bakery application.


Soft icings for every application.


The perfect addition to any cake for a touch of luxury.


Making doughnuts shine.

Dusting Sugars

The ultimate stable dusting sugar.


Market-leading egg white powder.


For an authentic ginger flavour.


Expertly blended balance of colour and flavour.

Bespoke Powder Mixing

Bespoke powder mixing solutions for endless possibilities.

Bespoke Wet Mixing

The wet mixing specialists.